Born and based in Singapore, Eng Chew teaches yoga, yoga therapy, mindfulness practice and meditation for people of all ages and all walks of life. Over her years of teaching, she witnessed many students heal from various conditions through changes in mindset, behaviour, habits and their outlook on life. Their transformation motivated her to write and share the importance of love and kindness to oneself, being mindful of one's thoughts, words and deeds and the sense of connectedness with one's heart, soul and spirit. Through mindfulness practice, one can intimately connect inwards without being judgemental or affected by past burdens. One can consequently use loving compassion to initiate powerful changes and make deliberate choices in the present moment. Eng Chew hopes that such self-empowerment will allow individuals to positively affect others, including Mother Nature, through sustainable living habits.

True to her mantra, "Anything is possible," she follows her heart to create and share her works with others through her writing, blogging, drawing, mini productions, workshops and lessons. Eng Chew believes in taking full responsibility over one's life by living fully in the present moment.

Eng Chew loves colours and all things beautiful. That includes kind loving hearts. In addition to her favourite childhood hobbies of writing and drawing, she loves spending her time in nature, with loved ones and observing animals. She also loves adventures, music and fun. During her school days, Eng Chew piloted a small plane in the Youth Flying Club and represented her school at air rifle and air pistol shooting competitions. She also served in the Singapore Civil Defence Force where she underwent many unforgettable tasks such as helping to coordinate an overseas humanitarian assistance mission during the aftermath of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Eng Chew also enjoyed surfboarding, wakeboarding, sailing, horse riding, skiing, dog sledding, ice wall climbing and hang-gliding. She plays the tongue drum and singing bowls. When she has energy, she enjoys making meals and trying out new recipes. She enjoys good laughs, good tears and good company. She treasures life's finite moments by doing whatever can be done now as tomorrow is uncertain.

Since 2020, Eng Chew has produced numerous videos on her teachings, including:

    - Mindfulness series for Children
    - Mindfulness series for Adults
    - Mindfulness in Art Therapy
    - Back Care series
    - Healthy Personal Boundaries and Space series
    - Eye Care
    - Breath series
    - Spine Care series
    - Neck and Shoulders Stretches

Find the free videos here.

She is currently working on her second book.

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