Postcards (Water Drop Journeys)

A - Rainbow 

- Magic in the Present Moment

C - Clouds and Sky

D - Little Lot that Counts

E - Otters

F - Rainbow Phoenix

G - An Ordinary Morning

H - Iceberg
I - Fragrance of Unconditional Love

J - Ups and Downs

K - Into the Tunnel

L - Cloud Potter (colouring card)

M - Daylight Painter (colouring card)

These fun-sized postcard prints bring the reader back on the journey of the water drop immediately. It does not matter if you have read the book Water Drop Journeys or not as these are some key moments that the water drop encounters. Feel the sweet love and kindness that the water drop experiences in its journey. Some of the postcard include the guided meditations also known as 'Rituals' within the book. Hold them out anytime you need to reset yourself or give this to people you love and care about. Postcards L and M are black and white colouring card that you can personalise and put on your wall or write lovely messages on the back for your loved ones. The back contains only the character name, website and the book title.
  • Postcard sized print (A6), comes with an envelope
  • Beautifully printed on high quality 300gsm acid-free paper
  • Ships worldwide from Singapore 3 to 5 working days from date of purchase. Shipping fees apply. Limited stock for each design. Preorder takes at least 7 days. 
  • Price: $7 (single); $32 (set of 5). 

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