Book Reviews for Water Drop Journeys

Love the read and the immense love behind book is deeply felt.

A wave of ease and peace will seep through my being whenever I pick up this book. As much as this is a book to be read, this is also a book to be felt. It brings you into a stillness and depth within yourself if you allow yourself to drop beneath the words and the beautiful illustrations. The innocence and sincerity embodied in the story is rarely found in our busy life these days. So appreciate both the genuineness and the ingenuity weaving the messages through a drop of water, the playful rituals and the author’s life experiences. May this book continue to draw many more others to step into their own innocence and stillness within.

Jace Loi

5.0 out of 5 stars This book warms your heart and soul!

Through simple language, the author brought to life the intricacies of nature and how closely intertwined it is with our human mind and behaviour. A simple read that powerfully drives home the message on being mindful about your everyday thoughts and deeds so this could manifest into greater kindness and love, driving more purposeful living for one. The book is also filled with beautiful illustrations and mindful practices that is chicken soup for the soul. Indeed, a talented Singaporean writer and looking forward for more to come!


5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful!

This book is simple, colourful yet filled with a deeper meaning of life. Stop and feel. Great for my child and me 😄


5.0 out of 5 stars A rare gem, great for adults and children alike.

The story of the journey of a tiny water drop is simple and easy to follow for adults and children alike. But the messaging about love and kindness is profound. In my mind, it is what we hope our children will embody, and what we need to relearn as adults. The author thoughtfully provided audio clips of the mindfulness practices in her book for her readers to enjoy some peaceful moments of inflection. It is also loaded with colorful and original artwork. This is a rare gem from a Singaporean artist/author and I am planning to order a physical copy soon.

Ship Wreck

I would highly recommend this book is for everyone. I could / will read it over again. I thoroughly enjoyed reading you book. It’s beautifully written. How everything is innerconnected with life’s lessons. Wonderful insight about the cycle of life in all aspects.
Whilst reading the book, I had a smile on my face & warm, fuzzy & peaceful feel inside.
Well done 😇 your amazing
Jayne 💜🙏🏻🌻
Ps loved the meditations & illustrations 👍👏

Jayne Meldrum

I enjoy reading this book, it makes me smile and feels calm. Smile because the wordings and colourful illustrations reminds me of my childhood days-missed on the books that I had once read. Calm because of the quotes and rituals.
This book also contains elements of Science and experiences that will enhance our knowledge in regardless of age.
Hence, it is a book for parent and child bonding too.💝

Eng Chew 加油🙋‍♀️💯


The book offers a refreshing take on life perspectives and love through the lens of a water drop, and underlines the importance of conservation of Earth. One can relate according to their own experiences and is a great read for both young and adults! The graphical illustrations in the book are simply fantastic and heighten the reading experience!

Teck Loon

You have come a long way - very proud of you and the simplicity of your writings will make people buy your book... I never saw it as a child's book/ there's depth in your storyline. Kudos.

Yishun Town Secondary School former teacher: Mrs Koh K K

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