Book Reading Workshops for Kids (7- 12 yos)

Registration is closed for June 2022. 
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Get a peek at the inaugural Book Reading Workshop in 2021

What kids say...

Oliver Wong (7 yo)

Allison (8 yo) 

What parents say ...

"My daughters (7 and 10 yos) enjoyed themselves a lot. They said the workshop was very fun. Thank you!"

"Thank you for a great session Eng Chew! Allison (8 yo) had a great time :)"

Xiao Qing
"My daughters (8 and 12 yos) enjoyed themselves very much today. Thank you for the great session! Richelle (12 yo) said she enjoyed everything about the workshop! 😄"

"Thanks Eng Chew! Hayden (8 yo) had fun as well, he also likes the scavenger hunt the most!"

Ee Ling
"Iara (7 yo) says the workshop is 👍. She likes the scavenger hunt."

"Hi Eng Chew, thanks for conducting the workshop! Zara (7 yo) enjoyed herself and felt very comfortable. She likes the scavenger hunt and the singing bowls..."

Register of interest here.

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