Water Drop Journeys

Book review
"This book is both simple and profound; simple in that the content is presented as a children's story and profound in its use of analogies to  illustrate life lessons and existential philosophy in subtle, hidden language." 

- Dr Peter Mack
Author of "The Misted Mirror - Mindfulness for Schools and Universities".
Read the foreword by Dr Peter Mack here.

Do you lament the lack of illustrations in adult fiction? 

Do you wish to pick up short and simple mindfulness practices to relax, focus and stay present? Do you hope that the younger generations learn these tools to help them stay grounded regardless of what life presents to them? 

Water Drop Journeys - a Tale of Love and Kindness, encapsulates all the above in an adventure by a water drop and its encounters along the way. The story highlights two core values, love and kindness, for oneself, others and Mother Earth. It explores the truth behind our beliefs and conditioning - our self limiting thoughts which impede us from reaching our full potential and stop us from connecting fully within ourselves and with others. There are short mindfulness practices (with audio clips) interwoven within the story to teach readers how to stay grounded and guide them towards self discovery. These mindfulness practices known as "rituals" help readers bring their awareness to their bodily sensations, surroundings, thoughts and emotions. With practice, one can convert such awareness practices into a daily ritual to help one focus, relax or stay grounded in the present moment. As the contents are presented as a children's story, this book is suitable for readers of all ages, meeting each exactly at the point one is as the interpretation is based on one's experiences. 

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Genre: Fiction, Modern Classics, New Age, Children's & Young Adult, Pre-Teens (Ages 7-12), Singaporean

Paperback: 110 pages (136 total pages)

Book dimensions: 12.8cm by 19.9cm

ISBN: 978-981-14-9587-8 (paperback) | 978-981-14-9588-5 (ebook)

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  1. I would highly recommend this book is for everyone. I could / will read it over again. I thoroughly enjoyed reading you book. It’s beautifully written. How everything is innerconnected with life’s lessons. Wonderful insight about the cycle of life in all aspects.
    Whilst reading the book, I had a smile on my face & warm, fuzzy & peaceful feel inside.
    Well done πŸ˜‡ your amazing
    Jayne πŸ’œπŸ™πŸ»πŸŒ»
    Ps loved the meditations & illustrations πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Dear Jayne, thank you very much for the nice review. It warms my heart to know that you enjoy it and love my illustrations and mindfulness practices. Keep reading...
      Eng ChewπŸ™πŸ˜❤️

  2. I enjoy reading this book, it makes me smile and feels calm. Smile because the wordings and colourful illustrations reminds me of my childhood days-missed on the books that I had once read.
    Calm because of the quotes and rituals.
    This book also contains elements of Science and experiences that will enhance our knowledge in regardless of age.
    Hence, it is a book for parent and child bonding too.πŸ’

    Eng Chew εŠ ζ²ΉπŸ™‹‍♀️πŸ’―

    1. Dear Cagney, thank you very much for your lovely review. It brings a smile on my face to know that the book resonates with you.
      ζˆ‘δΌšεŠ ζ²Ήηš„。θ°’θ°’
      Eng Chew πŸ™πŸ˜❤️

  3. Written in straightforward and simple language, on the surface this book narrates the journey of a water droplets. In the deeper level, this book aims to impart important lessons to our next generations about self-care and kindness in today's highly volatile world when the pace is so fast that one may not have the time and space to pause and smell roses along the way. The sustainability message in the book is strong too, teaching our kids to love nature, love our environment. Overall, A book you wouldnt want to miss!!!

    1. Dear Rachel, thank you very much for your kind words. Really happy that you are reading this with your children.
      Eng Chew πŸ™πŸ˜❤️

  4. A wave of ease and peace will seep through my being whenever I pick up this book. As much as this is a book to be read, this is also a book to be felt. It brings you into a stillness and depth within yourself if you allow yourself to drop beneath the words and the beautiful illustrations. The innocence and sincerity embodied in the story is rarely found in our busy life these days. So appreciate both the genuineness and the ingenuity weaving the messages through a drop of water, the playful rituals and the author’s life experiences. May this book continue to draw many more others to step into their own innocence and stillness within.
    Jace Loi

    1. Dear Jace, thank you very much for penning this and the loving thoughts behind it. I love your experience.❤️
      Eng Chew πŸ™πŸ˜❤️