Introducing the Characters


These gilled mushrooms are fast-growing miniatures that help restore vitality in the ecosystem. They do so by transforming stagnant energy into food and returning nutrients back to soil. The mushroom caps are the fruit body, supported by an extensive network of thread-like filaments underneath the soil, known as mycelium. Mycelium is the food-absorbing part where transformation of energy occurs. Certain wild mushrooms contain chemicals that are poisonous to us so do not pick them. 


Hummingbirds are the smallest known migratory bird. They typically travel alone. They are the only known birds that can fly backwards. An important pollinator, they drink nectar from flowers, consuming up to double their body weight in a day.


Part of a tree, these leaves are mostly green. Chlorophyll, a chemical present in the leaves, converts sunlight to food for trees and produces oxygen in the process. They transpire water vapour as they breathe, cooling the air around it. When there is no sunlight, leaves breathe out carbon dioxide like us. Many water drops love to rest on these large green leaves.  They live in harmony with others and as a whole community.

Main Character - Water

Water changes from one state to another, from vapour to liquid to solid ice, having totally different properties. Still, it is essentially water. Regardless of the changes to its state, everything happens in an unchanging space. 

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