Water Drop Journeys - Sample Read

In the crisp morning air, nothing extraordinary is happening. It feels just like any other crisp morning. The first light appears beyond the forest, painting the dark blue and indigo sky with streaks of orange, gold and pink rays—adding a hint of colour to the silhouette of forest canopy. Like stage curtains, darker shades lift away as lighter shades of blue and pale yellow follow the bright orange sun rising above the horizon. In no time, the sky is painted light blue and violet.

 Birds chirp loudly and glide effortlessly in flocks over the canopy. The earth stirs and awakens. Some animals start the day while night creatures wind down. As sunrays wash over the forest canopy, a drop of water from an earlier downpour catches the glimmering sunlight through the canopy gaps and refracts rainbows onto the leaf it is resting upon. The leaf shines brightly and seems to come alive from golden sunrays beaming from above. It holds the precious drop of water like a giant hammock…

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